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Keyonia Cox’s New Book ‘I Have Epilepsy’ Shares a Beautiful Read on Epilepsy From the Eyes of a Little Girl

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Press Release

Dec 21, 2021

Fulton Books author Keyonia Cox, is an author, an epileptic, who has a degree in Dietary Management and Food Safety; has completed her most recent book “I Have Epilepsy”:  an eye-opening and entertaining story that shares the life of a young girl who is epileptic. She talks about her daily life, how she and her family handle her episodes, her neurologist, and what she wanted to accomplish in her life and did accomplish. 

Cox shares, “Kassie is a seven-year-old child who finds out that she has epilepsy by having a grand mal seizure. What will happen to Kassie?”

Published by Fulton Books, Keyonia Cox’s book is an excellent source of information on epilepsy that even kids could easily understand! Following the story of Kassie, readers will understand how life is for an epileptic and her family….

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