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Kassie Frey’s New Book ‘The Adventures of Puppalooni’ is a Charming Volume That Highlights the Extraordinary Bond Between People and Pets

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Press Release

Aug 31, 2022 06:00 EDT

Fulton Books author, Kassie Frey, a retiree who currently lives in Pennsylvania, has completed her most recent book “The Adventures of Puppalooni”: a wonderful read that follows the adventures of a black-and-brown puppy with his beloved owner. Puppalooni is a free-spirited dog who always gets himself into trouble but he is also a lovable one who gives his owner a reason to smile.

Frey shares, “This is a story about a dog named Puppalooni, who was adopted at eleven weeks old. Once he is home, the chaos starts. This lovable puppy warms his way into his new family’s hearts despite the mischief he gets into. He makes a great escape the first day, and the story…

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