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Judy D. McCorristin’s New Book ‘The Missing Money’ is a Satisfying Sequel That Weaves Together a Time-Warping Element With a Gripping Mystery

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Press Release

updated: Aug 26, 2021 06:00 EDT

Fulton Books author Judy D. McCorristin, a talented novelist, has completed her most recent book “The Missing Money”: a riveting short read that follows the journey of three fifth graders as they unlock the hundred-year-old mystery about the missing money. Modern kids Becky, Katy, and Tommy jump into a hundred years prior of their current timeline to witness firsthand the infamous robbery that happened to their town. Their quest leads them to Mr. Grimley, the owner and president of the bank. Join them as they solve the missing puzzle, and behold how an old man from the past changes the future of these fifth graders.

McCorristin shares, “This is the continuing story of three fifth graders who read in the local newspaper about a hundred-year-old bank robbery that…

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