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Joseph R. Lange’s new book ‘Persons of the Best Prudence’ brings a brilliant epic about bravery, prophecies, and buried truths

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Recent release “Persons of the Best Prudence” from Covenant Books author Joseph R. Lange continues the gripping journey of Dr. Knight as he fulfills his mission in Salem.

Press Release

Dec 30, 2021

Joseph R. Lange, a retired systems director of facilities operations and maintenance for the Marshfield Clinic Health Systems, has completed his new book, “Persons of the Best Prudence”: a thrilling saga about the exploits of Dr. Trevor Knight as he entered the city of Salem after Father Krubel called for him. What could be the mysteries that are waiting for him out there?

Lange shares, “Fresh from the deserts of Egypt, Dr. Trevor Knight has had little time to decompress or allow his hand to heal before the evil that haunts his dreams has followed him. Summoned by the priest Father Krubel, Knight is needed in the city…

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