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Johnson Ray Music Are Taking Their Productions to Another Level

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New Orleans, LA, August 31, 2022 –(PR.com)– Vicki Johnson & Nick Ray are seasoned and credited in the industry they both thrive. This team of professional collaborating and creative forces were born into musical families and they both share in the same values of performance and substance of what they produce. These two exceptional talents have embarked on a partnership to; combine their prospective crafts in pitching both their Music Catalogs, Co-Write Songs together, Promote and Produce Events, and even share with other Collaborators to broaden their sights on diversified art. The reactions from not only fellow industry leaders and musicians, but aspiring hopefuls in this profession as well, have been received with great favor and acknowledgment. Johnson & Ray both remain independent artists and continue to pitch their works with vigor and enthusiasm.

Although this team came together with histories of already established credits…

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