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John “Buster” Wilcox of Cola Wealth Advisors Gives Flight to ROTC Cadet of the Month

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Columbia, SC, May 05, 2023 –(PR.com)– John “Buster” Wilcox, retired fighter pilot for the US Air Force and financial advisor at Cola Wealth Advisors recently gave flight to Sarah Hedley, the deserving recipient of Spring Valley High School’s ROTC Cadet of the Month award. The award was initiated by Major Gregory Perry of the US Air Force, who is now an Aerospace Science instructor for Spring Valley High’s ROTC program.

Spring Valley High School began their ROTC Cadet of the Month incentive back in November 2022, when the school honored Lt. Col. Rick Mantei for Veterans Day. As a result of this recognition, Major Perry approached the Cola Wealth firm with an inspiring proposal: Cadets who achieve the standard of excellence and are awarded the Cadet of the Month title would receive a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to fly in a vintage aircraft with either Rick Mantei or John ‘Buster’ Wilcox, both retired fighter pilots of the…

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