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Joe “The Gamer” Petraro’s New Book, “Concert in the Sky,” is a Stirring Tale of How the Young Author Navigated His Grief and Sadness After the Passing of a Close Friend

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New York, NY, December 29, 2022 –(PR.com)– Fulton Books author Joe “The Gamer” Petraro, who has been a published author since he was six and is currently a fifth grader at just age nine, has completed his most recent book, “Concert in the Sky”: a beautiful tale that explores how the author coped with grief following the loss of a close friend.

“Concert in the Sky” follows Petraro as he talks about how he imagined her journey to eternal life. Detailing the feelings and surroundings in Heaven and his friend’s concert in the sky, the reader can surely see the huge impact she had and the legacy that she has left behind. Joe shares the captivating experience of a friend who lived with a love so deep for Jesus. His story brings comfort to everlasting life.

Published by Fulton Books, Joe “The Gamer” Petraro’s book is the perfect tool for parents and guardians to help connect with young readers and explain difficult topics such…

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