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JC LeDobree’s Newly Released ‘Billy, the Confused Goat’ is a Story of a Young Goat Facing Difficult Choices

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“Billy, the Confused Goat” from Christian Faith Publishing author JC LeDobree is a faith-based story that examines God’s design.

Press Release

Oct 28, 2022

“Billy, the Confused Goat”: a potent juvenile narrative. “Billy, the Confused Goat” is the creation of published author JC LeDobree, a dedicated husband and father of three.

LeDobree shares, “In comparing a goat who feels and believes that he should’ve been a different type of animal, the goat begins to make changes to his appearance while hoping the farmer will agree and confirm his change into another identity. Even through his physical exterior changes, the farmer doesn’t agree and later…

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