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Invisible People Report Shows Race, Faith, Homeownership, and Views on Policing Shape Public Perception on Homelessness

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‘What America Believes About Homelessness: Barriers to Progress’ Identifies Pandemic-Era Shift in Public Perception on Homelessness

Press Release

Dec 21, 2021 11:00 EST

In its second annual report on public perceptions of homelessness, Invisible People announced today the release of “What America Believes About Homelessness: Barriers to Progress.” The report identifies America’s view on the criminalization and policing of homeless populations, and how an individual’s race, faith, and homeownership status affect perceptions on the issue. The nonprofit found a shift in America’s pandemic-era views, including increasing concern about homeless people committing crimes, and a decline in sympathy for renters facing eviction.

“This follow-up study provides critically needed information about how homelessness is viewed…

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