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Introducing the Worlds First Fish Mount NFT

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Mount This Fish Company is proud to introduce the world’s first Fish Mount NFT. Hogfish Harry, part of the Badfish NFT series, is a free NFT available to all online customers at MountThis.Net.

How To Get One: 100 copies of Hogfish Harry will be minted and transferred to the first 100 MountThis.Net customers who provide their cryptocurrency wallet address after placing an order.

What’s to ome: Once those 100 are transferred the next Badfish NFT will be revealed. Also MTFC will csoon be offering customized NFT’s to commemorate a customer’s catch (which will also include the tangible fish mount) as well as creating fish mount decor NFTs for the MetaVerse world quickly gaining momentum in the gaming world and Web3.0 development.

About Mount This Fish Company: For over 20 years, MTFC has pushed the fish mount industry to provide a wider variety of fish mount products,…

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