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Introducing the APU Loudness Compressor Plug-in: a Revolutionary Approach to Audio Compression

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Sylvania, OH, May 09, 2023 –(PR.com)– APU Software, LLC has announced the launch of the APU Loudness Compressor plug-in, a groundbreaking audio compressor and expander that utilizes modern loudness measurement techniques (LUFS and True Peak) to deliver enhanced transparency and control. In contrast to traditional compressors that rely solely on RMS and/or Peak measurements, the APU Loudness Compressor’s use of LUFS measurement provides a more transparent response that aligns with how humans actually perceive loudness.

The APU Loudness Compressor’s user interface also departs from the conventional threshold-and-ratio approach, offering unparalleled flexibility for audio professionals. By allowing users to configure source and target ranges of loudness, the compressor intelligently compresses or expands audio as needed.

In addition to its innovative audio processing capabilities, the APU Loudness Compressor plug-in features real-time…

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