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Introducing the 2021 ‘Last Gamer Standing’ – Tony Vazquez!

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Press Release

Jan 7, 2022 11:00 EST

Last Gamer Standing, a competition for gamers worldwide to share their story, is proud to announce that Tony Vazquez will be taking home $25,000, and he will be featured in a two-page advertorial in Game Informer Magazine.

Vazquez first fell in love with gaming when he was a kid. He was inspired to open his own arcade bar, Gigawatts Lounge, in Florida after a trip to Japan. He wants to bring the joy of gaming, whether it’s on a classic machine or a personal console, to the world, and he features up-and-coming gamers at his arcade bar/comedy lounge.

Vazquez is stoked to get the $25,000, but he’s even more excited to be featured in Game Informer. As a reader himself, he looks forward to sharing his story and getting the word out about his arcade lounge. The entire Last Gamer Standing team can’t wait…

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