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Inprentus Enters the Augmented Reality Market Supplying Blazed Grating Masters for Grating-Coupled Waveguides in AR Glasses

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Champaign, IL, January 25, 2023 –(PR.com)– Inprentus, a supplier of custom diffractive optics to a variety of industries, employs a unique and innovative nanoscale contact mode lithography technique that combines ultra-high precision mechanical ruling of metallic surfaces and a variety of proprietary control software, sensor technology and materials science techniques. This method is designed to produce blazed diffractive patterns on optical surfaces for the purpose of controlling light. The company’s nanoscale contact mode lithography process is ideal for manufacturing master diffractive optics used for prototyping as well as high-volume replication.

Inprentus blazed patterns can include a wide range of blaze angles, variable line spacing for focusing and image correction. Multiple blazed patterns (gratings) can be precisely oriented on a surface to create an AR eyepiece. These structures will be used in the next generation of…

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