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Ingrid Ludt to Exhibit Playful Paintings Drawn From Nature in Beyond Matter, a Solo Exhibition at Bromfield Gallery

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Press Release

updated: Aug 20, 2021

Beyond Matter, Ingrid Ludt’s first solo exhibition in Boston, consists of paintings that abstract bits and pieces of the universe to liberate them from the burden of representation. Colors and forms drawn from nature are transformed into play pieces in elaborate studio games. The exhibition will be open from Sept. 1 to 26, 2021, with an opening reception on Friday, Sept. 3 from 6-8:30 p.m. at Bromfield Gallery.

The compositions are drawn from pieces of bark, shell, and other natural ephemera and then carefully arranged to respond to the rectangle of the canvas. The patterns and geometries of nature’s fragments are pared down and rendered on the canvas. In some cases, the universe can be found within a single fragment; in others, the pieces are assembled in order to unlock some kind of…

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