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Informing Post-COVID-19 Economic Decision Making

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Iotics announces founding membership of Emergent Alliance

July 10, 2020 Iotics is one of the founding members of the Emergent Alliance, a not-for-profit community to better inform the future economic decision making of governments, corporations and organizations post-COVID-19. Alongside fellow members such as Rolls-Royce, IBM, Microsoft, Google Cloud and the Open Data Institute, the Emergent Alliance will share data, expertise and resources to build economic resilience and solve some of the biggest challenges facing a post-COVID-19 world.

Robin Brattel, CEO of Iotics

Iotics was founded with a mission of liberating data to enable the world to make the most informed decisions, based on the ability of individuals and organizations to collaborate, securely sharing meaningful information in real-time.

The Emergent Alliance will allow businesses and people to come together in a trusted environment to share their knowledge, data and skills…

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