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INDIEV’s Flagship Electric Vehicle, INDI One, Will Soon Be Available for Pre-Ordering

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Experience an immersive driving experience with INDI One’s gaming, content creation and blockchain capabilities

Press Release

Jan 11, 2022 08:00 PST

INDIEV, a company specializing in the design of the next generation of electric vehicles, announces it will begin pre-ordering for its flagship vehicle, INDI One, in Q1 of this year. So much more than just a mode of transportation, the INDI One is a smart electric car with the sector’s first Vehicle Integrated Computer (VIC), a supercomputer capable of gaming, content creation, and blockchain capabilities — inevitably expanding the horizons of how an electric vehicle can enhance the driving experience. 

“At INDIEV, we saw a disconnect in the software experience when consumers transition from using their computers and phones to getting into their cars,” says Andre…

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