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IHI Terrasun Solutions Executes MOU With SK Innovations to Include Batteries in Integration Portfolio

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Press Release

updated: Jul 1, 2021

IHI Terrasun Solutions, Inc. (Terrasun), a subsidiary of IHI Corporation, has executed a memorandum of understanding with SK Innovation (SKI) establishing their partnership on future energy storage projects. The MOU indicates that Terrasun will integrate SKI batteries into its battery portfolio to support energy storage projects in their extensive 2022 pipeline and beyond.

“We are happy to have SKI’s support and look forward to seeing where our new strategic partnership can take our companies,” Jamal Burki, President of IHI Terrasun Solutions, comments. “This partnership leverages advanced battery technology manufactured at SKI’s new manufacturing facility in Georgia, USA and we are proud to support US manufacturing and commitment to clean energy.” Terrasun’s technology-agnostic approach…

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