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Idaho Pawn and Gold Announces Dual Service Program in Idaho

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Meridian, ID, September 16, 2022 –(PR.com)– Idaho Pawn and Gold announced they are a dual service pawn program. This means they are experts in determining the liquid value of items, can source items to sell at a more affordable price, like gold and silver, and are connected with brokers, buyers and sellers in most industries across the country.

Their connections allow customers to get the best price when buying gold, silver and any bullion. By being a pawnbroker working for a specific customer, they can pay more for bars and other gold and silver items.

A broker is the n between customers who want to buy, sell, or trade a valuable item. Selecting a pawn broker who knows the industry and can execute deals on a pawn customer’s behalf will save money and have access to items they may not have had before. The job of the pawn broker is to buy and sell things on the customers behalf.

Idaho Pawn and Gold is excited to serve the community…

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