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Hyperion Munitions Unveils Revolutionary PTC (Precise Trigger Control) – a Game-Changer in the AR Industry

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Hyperion Munitions, a leading innovator in firearm accessories, proudly presents the PTC (Precise Trigger Control), a groundbreaking gun modification that is poised to revolutionize the entire AR industry. Invented by Gary Cananzey, the PTC represents a significant advancement in utility and has far-reaching implications from both a practical and political standpoint, comparable to the introduction of the machine gun.

The PTC is a true crossover product, capable of garnering support from hunters, shooters, anti-hunters, and anti-shooters alike. By transforming even the most basic AR into an unparalleled firearm experience, it has the power to reshape public perception and dispel misconceptions surrounding our industry. The PTC embodies a spirit of reason and compromise, empowering individuals with a newfound appreciation for the value of…

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