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HypeHorizen Dives Head First Into Apparel

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Elk Mills, MD, August 17, 2022 –(PR.com)– Streamers, gamers and viewers who can appreciate hype merch will rejoice as HypeHorizen, a competitive esports team known for being the largest group of Hearthstone players in the world, announced today the launch of its new mission to dive into the apparel industry.

The CEO, Mark “VengaDragon” Swanson stated, “After receiving demand from our customers, the community and team members, this new endeavor was born. We will sell more merchandise and swag with the first collection, ‘The Elements of Hype’, which will entangle everyone in a web of intrigue.”

The Elements of Hype is the first collection featuring themed goods around air, fire, water and earth. The mission is to appeal to gamers, esports players, viewers, and fans.

“Many of the game mechanics in our favorite games revolve around these elements, so adding a collection featuring an elemental theme is going to be a hit,” said a company…

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