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Huntington Study Group Announces Results from the HD-Net Assessment on the State of Care for Huntington’s Disease in the United States

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Rochester, NY, October 25, 2022 –(PR.com)– The Huntington Study Group (HSG), a world leader in clinical research for Huntington’s Disease (HD) for over 30 years, is pleased to announce the results from the novel HD-Net survey, which examined the United States Huntington’s disease (HD) care delivery in a variety of clinic settings by HD specialists and non-specialists.

“The importance of this research survey is the real-world sampling of HD care across all types of medical practices in the United States and how it shows us the inequality in care levels with different practice types. This is a call for us to increase outreach and education to those practices who are already seeing HD patients to improve care and access to specialty services,” said Lauren Seeberger, MD, HD-Net Principal Investigator and Associate Professor at the University of Colorado.

The HSG collaborated with the University of Colorado, University of…

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