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Hunt School of Dental Medicine Students Embrace Community, Gain Valuable Experience

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The school’s inaugural class begins its journey in the Borderland, creating change along the way

As a youngster, Amjad Khuffash was teased for his crooked teeth. Born and raised in McAllen, Texas, he rarely saw a dentist because of poverty, a common problem in the Rio Grande Valley. Today, Khuffash and his peers at The Hunt School of Dental Medicine at Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center El Paso are training to ensure others in similar circumstances don’t go without dental care. 

“Some factors that inspired me to pursue dentistry were poverty and the lack of dental care I experienced growing up,” said Khuffash, a member of the dental school’s inaugural class. “After dental school, I plan to take affordable dental care to residents of the Rio Grande Valley, so others don’t grow up experiencing what I experienced.”

Khuffash’s focus mirrors…

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