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Housing Technology Launches Transformative ‘Housing On Demand’ Streaming Platform

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A new ‘on-demand’ streaming app is being launched by Housing Technology, the UK’s leading technology information service and broadcaster for the UK housing sector. The Housing Technology On-Demand app will deliver the expertise of technology leaders from the world of housing to those working in the sector around the clock. Topics range from the future of 3D printed homes to the use of the Internet of Things (IoT) systems for managing areas as diverse as heating, home security and fire safety.

Housing Technology On Demand App

The new platform aims to emulate the success of the sector’s leading Housing Technology Executive Conference event, which for 12 years has brought housing professionals and IT vendors together to share insights and solutions that improve tenant services. CEO George Grant, co-founder of Housing Technology, sees the new On Demand service as a pivotal development, borne out of both the recent pandemic and the…

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