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Hope for poorer nations as a food staple, sodium-bicarbonate was found in a peer-reviewed study to significantly reduce Covid symptoms

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London, UK (14th April 2021) – A peer-reviewed study released today is set to bring hope to millions of people as kitchen staple, bicarbonate of soda is found to significantly reduce Covid-19 symptoms. The study, funded by sister company of UK Healthtech company Copper Clothing, found that a simple inhalation of a sodium-bicarbonate solution can reduce the severity of the clinical picture of Covid-19 syndrome by as much as 74%.

The study of 60 patients was registered and carried out at Welcare Hospital, India. It has been published following peer review process. The finding will no doubt be welcomed around the globe as it is a medicine which only costs around 1 cent a dose. It is hoped the treatment could be an inexpensive and effective way to support people who are affected by symptoms of the virus. It is by no means a replacement to the protection of a vaccine.

The results of the study showed a significant improvement in the…

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