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Holiday Gift Suggestions From Emily L. Foley on TipsOnTV

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Press Release

Dec 22, 2021 11:45 EST

Celebrity lifestyle and beauty journalist Emily L. Foley reports that there are plenty of cool gifts out there to “wow”. Emily shares new inside information on the newest trends and styles, along with some gifts ideas that will make family or friends very happy.

Starting with a practical but fun gift, Caldrea is an unconventional home care and fragrance brand that believes that caring for the places we live should be anything but ordinary. The brand is designed with a maximalist flair to bring playfulness and a little indulgence to everyday tasks. They have a range of products from candles, Linen & Room Spray to hand and dish soaps and countertop sprays, and their globally-inspired fragrances all smell incredible. Try the limited-edition holiday fragrance Juniper Laurel…

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