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History of Russian MiGs in the U.S. Revealed by the World’s First Civilian Pilot to Own and Operate One

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Press Release

Oct 25, 2022

In his second book, Mr. MiG and the Real Story of the First MiGs in America, author and pilot Paul T. Entrekin gives the reader firsthand knowledge of the mysterious Russian MiG – among the world’s first jet fighters.

After serving from 1977-1986 in the United States Marine Corps as a both a rotary and fixed-wing pilot and flight instructor, Entrekin resigned his active-duty position and opted to retain a reserve commission. His post-military goal was to make a career in the airshow business. 

A Canadian friend let him know that a man was about to import a few Russian MiGs into Ottawa. As Entrekin explains in his book, “[I] was searching for that X factor or…

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