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Helen Doron Educational Group Partners With ACES, Connecticut

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Education trailblazers partner to launch the first bilingual Helen Doron Academy in the US

Press Release

Dec 30, 2021 09:00 EST

ACES Connecticut recently became the first Helen Doron Academy franchisees in the United States. The Helen Doron Educational Group is active in 39 countries, with 1100 Kindergartens, Helen Doron English, and MathRiders Learning Centres. Students from ages 6 months through elementary school enrolled in the Academy will benefit from bilingual Spanish-English education. The Helen Doron Academy encourages a lifelong love of learning, helping each child reach their potential through a unique curriculum that brings children a multisensory, musical education. The curriculum includes Spanish speaking, reading and writing in English, science, multilingualism through song (7 languages), fitness…

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