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HEDGED, the New Wall Street Crime Thriller Explaining Stock, Bitcoin and NFT Manipulation – Gets Early Release Date DUE to HIGH INTEREST, Hits #1 on Amazon’s New Releases

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Press Release

Dec 28, 2021 09:00 EST

Juliana Jones, a former Wall Street executive and active day trader, received an early release date for her new book: HEDGED… The mInD of an AdDicTed dAy TradEr, due to incredibly high demand, according to CG Holdings. The book has already hit #1 on Amazon under New Releases for the “Gambling” category. 

This financial thriller takes you into the queen’s chair of day trading. When Jolette Marco loses everything in a day trade gone awry, she dives into a morally corrupt abyss of Wall Street to earn it all back. She takes a job on a trading floor at a top brokerage firm, dealing with hedge funds and the world’s top 1% of high net worth individuals and investors. When she meets Noel Sheffield, a maverick broker at a rival firm, he takes her under his wing and shows her the real ropes of…

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