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Health Espresso is Bridging Gaps in Ontario’s Health Care System

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Toronto, Ontario, Canada, July 15, 2021 –(PR.com)– The communication gaps that exist between health care teams in local communities can have detrimental effects on patient care like inefficient care and the duplication of efforts, which, in a critical health crisis, can lead to hospital (re)admissions and overcrowding in hospitals (also known as “hallway medicine”) and COVID-19 brought many of these challenges to light. Ontario Health Teams (OHTs) were created to fill those communication gaps and are mandated to include a digital health solution for patients and providers to access and share health care information. Health Espresso is one digital solution for bridging the communication gap.

Health Espresso is a patient-centered, collaborative Inter-professional Virtual Health Record (IPVHR) that connects allied health professionals, primary physicians, hospitals, caregivers/home care agencies and patients in one secure and…

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