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Green Initiative Yields Industry’s First Environmentally Friendly Fuel Stabilizing Filter for Global Platform

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Press Release

updated: Jul 30, 2019

B3C Fuel Solutions, LLC, has invented and patented a new In-Tank Fuel Stabilizing Filter that keeps gas fresh longer than any existing technology on the market today, improving engine operation and consumer satisfaction, while reducing gas emissions and hazardous waste disposal. The new filter is a next-generation fuel stabilizer engineered for a global platform, designed to be compliant will all worldwide regulations, an industry first. 

FUEL LIFE TM is an easy-to-use filter that is placed in gasoline fuel tanks. It removes the water and harmful contaminants that make gas go bad, improving gas quality so it lasts longer, which is good for consumers and the environment. FUEL LIFE is non-chemical, non-hazardous, non-toxic, multi-year protection.   

“When gas goes bad in…

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