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Goodbyecar’s BASTRO Will Showcase at CES 2022

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Press Release

Dec 31, 2021

Goodbyecar has announced its participation at the world’s largest consumer technology convention, CES 2022 in Las Vegas, and will present the battery-swapping type of new BASTRO power station. 

Korean start-up company Goodbyecar, which specializes in EV battery upcycling, exhibited successfully BASTRO power station with a capacity of 2kw at CES 2021 online for the first time. 

The new BASTRO 1.4kw, which will be presented at CES 2022 Eureka Park, is an exchangeable and expandable type of power station with battery swapping so that users can use their power for a longer time during extended usage outdoors or in an emergency. Also, the new BASTRO is an inverter built-in product with compact size and light weight. 

The BASTRO swapping type is newly developed with communication protocol…

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