Get to Know the Consensus 2023 Speakers on Twitter Spaces and Reddit


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Get to Know the Consensus 2023 Speakers on Twitter Spaces and Reddit

When Crypto and the Singularity Collide

Chat GPT was just the start. A confluence of technologies – artificial intelligence, quantum computing, virtual/augmented reality and others – is about to make the digital disruption of the past few decades seem like a sleepy opening act. All of a sudden, the singularity feels real. For the crypto community, which carries its own narrative of digital disruption, these forces bring both opportunity and threat. Chief Content Officer Michael J. Casey asked a group of crypto-savvy speakers with domain expertise in these areas to make sense of it all.

Cassandra Rosenthal, Co-CEO, Kaleidoco

Allison Duettmann, CEO, Foresight Institute

Marcos Allende Lopez, CTO, LACChain

Scott Dykstra, Co-Founder & CTO, Space and Time

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Ethereum After the Shanghai Upgrade

The Shanghai Upgrade put the final touch on Ethereum’s transition to proof-of -stake. We spoke with Consensus 2023 speakers and other leaders on its impact on development, markets and policy.

Pooja Ranjan, Founder, EtherWorld

Tim Beiko, Protocol Support, Ethereum Foundation

Sarah Milby, Senior Policy Director, Blockchain Association

Rich Falk-Wallace, CEO, Arcana

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Building Brands in a Decentralized World

We delved into the world of Web3 marketing and branding with Amanda Cassatt, CEO of Serotonin, and TIME’s Chief Brand Officer, Maya Draisin. Learn how these industry leaders are revolutionizing the future of brand identity and advertising.

Amanda Cassatt, CEO, Serotonin

Maya Draisin, Chief Brand Officer, TIME

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Using Decentralized Tech to Unlock Global Economies

For International Women’s Day, we met with Denelle Dixon from Stellar and Nelly Mensah at LVMH to chat about global benefits of blockchain technology and the metaverse.

Denelle Dixon, CEO and Executive Director, Stellar Development Foundation

Nelly Mensah, VP, Global Head of Web3 and Innovation, LVMH

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How Web3 Luxury Brands Will Thrive in 2023

Digital verification and luxury goods go hand in hand. We discussed the NFT use case for digital certificates of authenticity, the power of generative art in shaping Web3’s future and more.

Angelic Vendette, CMO, Alo Yoga

Straith Schreder, Executive Creative Director, Palm NFT Studio

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AMA with BowTiedBull, President, BowTiedJungle

BowTiedBull, author of the eponymous crypto Substack newsletter, leads an anon group of Ex-Wall Street bankers and software engineers aiming to build a decentralized nation-state. BTB brought the Jungle to Reddit’s r/defi community to answer questions on the state of the economy, tips on building wealth, and advice for Jerome Powell.

BowTiedBull, President, BowTiedJungle

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AMA with Yat Siu, Co-Founder and Executive Chairman, Animoca Brands

Big tech companies control our data, and Yat Siu is fighting to get it back through NFTs. He addressed Reddit’s r/nft community to discuss NFTs enabling digital identity rights and his views on Web3 opening up economic opportunities.

Yat Siu, Co-Founder and Executive Chairman, Animoca Brands

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Building for Inclusivity in Decentralized Systems

Tricia Wang, Executive Director, Crypto Research and Design Lab

Ariel Wengroff, VP Communications, LEDGER

Liat Shetret, Director of Global Policy and Regulation, Elliptic

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AMA with Haseeb Qureshi, Managing Partner, Dragonfly

On March 30, we’ll give Haseeb Qureshi the Reddit floor. Ask him anything. Watch this space or @consensus2023 for details.

Haseeb Qureshi, Managing Partner, Dragonfly

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