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G.E. Fisher’s New Book, “Deceptions of Power,” is a Captivating Story of a Young Mage Whose Desires for a Quiet Life Slam Headfirst Into the Ambitions of Those Around Him

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Lugoff, SC, December 23, 2022 –(PR.com)– Fulton Books author G.E. Fisher, a resident of South Carolina with a lifelong passion for fantasy works, has completed his most recent book, “Deceptions of Power”: a stunning fantasy thriller that follows a young mage who must survive the onslaught of manipulation and envy from those who only wish to use him for their own purposes.

“Kalamar is high on hopes and dreams as he leaves the isolation of his family’s farm to begin life in the capital with his Master,” writes Fisher. “Reality, however, has different plans. He quickly discovers those around him, well-meaning or not, have other ideas and agendas. It may be his wish to live a quiet life of magical pursuit as his master’s protégé, but whether king or pawn, everyone is a piece in the game of life. Even staying out of the game makes him an obstacle for others.

“As Kalamar quietly navigates these deceptive currents, his…

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