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Fresco Announces the Unveiling of Its New All-Electric POD

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Fresco XL is a fully electric and environmentally friendly POD with a Norwegian design

Press Release

Jan 18, 2022 19:00 CET

Fresco Motors AS (“Fresco”), a Norwegian technology company, is pleased to announce they will unveil the new Fresco XL on www.frescomotors.com on the first of February at 07:00 p.m. CET (Central European time). Fresco XL is an all-electric vehicle with no internal combustion engine, allowing the driver to experience unadulterated power without the disruptive noise of a traditional car.

“After a long and uncertain period because of the global pandemic, people from all over the world have experienced quite trying times that have been filled with negativity,” said Espen Kvalvik, CEO & Chairman of the Board of Fresco. “As things are moving back to normal, we are happy to announce that we have…

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