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FreedomGPT Launches Web Version of Uncensored Chatbot and AI App Store

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Two million people have visited FreedomGPT.com in search of censor- and bias-free AI. Now, users can access FreedomGPT in the browser without download from their phone or computer.

The makers of FreedomGPT have created an App Store for AI Models that allows anyone to access the latest AI without download or technical expertise. Using the FreedomGPT App Store, users have the option to use Liberty, the world’s most capable censor-free LLM, simply by visiting https://chat.FreedomGPT.com.

FreedomGPT’s Liberty model was designed to be the world’s most powerful uncensored LLM. This means users are always shown the exact model answer without the addition of post-processing bias. In other words, the LLM will always produce answers based on its training data and not filtered after the fact. Users can…

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