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Fred Stewart’s New Book, “Soul Secrets,” is an Enthralling Collection of Stories from the Author’s Life That Explores Topics of Clairvoyance and Soul Healing

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Holden, MA, December 21, 2022 –(PR.com)– Fulton Books author Fred Stewart, who has performed group energy healings and continues to mentor other sensitives in his retirement, has completed his most recent book, “Soul Secrets: The Discovery Years”: a powerful series of stories and reflections on the author’s journey through life and the world around him.

“Soul Secrets” is the narrative of an old soul and energy healer introducing the journey of an artisan. The author includes his knowledge of soul retrieval therapy, past life recall, surreal observations, friends, colors, body language, dreams, and psychic senses reconciling with locations and their underlying influences. Mr. Stewart shows his passion for spiritual depth exploring the gray areas of life, while discussing the properties of truth, trust, and faith. As a companion and extension to the author’s recent book, “Standing Tree,” “Soul Secrets” is written…

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