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Former NFL Star Vernon Davis Partners with Entrepreneurial and Hollywood A-Listers to Launch Artificial Intelligence Sport Picks Platform

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Los Angeles, CA, September 07, 2023 –(PR.com)– Vernon Davis has a new team. Just in time for the start of the new NFL season, the former NFL star and Super Bowl champion has partnered with Los Angeles entrepreneur Paul Van Kleef and Hollywood executives Henry Penzi and Josh Webber to launch Smart Picks, a new artificial intelligence (AI) sports prediction platform.

Leveraging the latest machine-learning algorithms to predict the outcomes of sporting events with unmatched precision and accuracy, the subscription-based platform utilizes vast amounts of data – including historical statistics, real-time updates, weather, travel time, social media of every player, and even political unrest and world events – to generate precise predictions that give users a competitive edge. The AI is trained on over 150 factors to determine the results of each game.

Smart Picks is currently offering predictive outcomes for the 2023-2024 NFL season…

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