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Food is Medicinal: PRVZN CO Launches LUV Your Mood to Help Make Stress Less Stressful

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“It’s not a surprise that stress is a real problem for many of us in such a fast paced and chaotic modern world, and as a health and wellness company, we wanted to see if there was somehow we could make a difference,” said PRVZN CO LLC Chief Executive Officer Tyler Lyon. “We created LUV Your Mood to help people get results and we’re confident it will become a part of our customer’s daily routine,” Lyon added.

LUV Your Mood: A Closer Look
Available in 60-Day Supply in 100% recyclable bottles, LUV Your Mood features nine superfood adaptogens:

Ashwagandha to promote relaxation.*

Eleuthero root to support focus and cognitive function.*

Rhodiola to help manage the impact of physical and mental stress.*

Astragalus to support immune health.*

Schisandra to fight fatigue.*

Holy Basil to protect against infections.*

Maca Root…

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