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FlexTouch Applies AI-Powered Optical Simulation Software to Eliminate Moiré Effect on Metal Mesh Touch Sensors

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San Jose, CA, January 21, 2022 –(PR.com)– FlexTouch Technologies Corporation (“FlexTouch”), a leading provider of metal mesh touch sensors for consumer electronics, vehicles, and industrial control devices, today announced that it has applied artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms to its proprietary optical design software to eliminate the moire effect for displays utilizing its metal mesh touch sensors.

Metal Mesh sensors have been quickly replacing the traditional ITO sensors, and the technology has become the preferred touch solution, especially for applications which require better accuracy, faster response, narrower borders, thinner devices, and better stylus performance. However, metal mesh sensors demand significant optical design effort to work on display panels, such as LCDs and OLEDs, otherwise the optical interference between the touch sensor and the display will create unwanted moire lines which significantly affect…

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