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Fire Rover Launches Early Detection Solution for Landfills, Wildfires & More

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Ferndale, MI, August 23, 2021 –(PR.com)– Fire Rover has launched an early detection solution for landfills, adding to its offerings of early detection and fire elimination solutions. The new solution, OnWatch, is a remotely monitored, wireless early detection unit that utilizes a combination of thermal cameras and Fire Rover agents to detect and identify deep-seated fires on the working face.

“Landfill fires can be severe and can put facilities, equipment and workers at risk,” says Ryan Fogelman, JD/MBA, vice president of strategic partnerships for Fire Rover. “Keeping this in mind, we designed OnWatch to work not only for landfills but for outdoor piles, construction projects, wildfires, overflow tip floors, windrows and more.”

OnWatch is a versatile, heavy-duty unit made for the harsh environments of landfills, including dust, wind, uneven surfaces and more. It is mobile, powered by both solar and wind and utilizes 4G to…

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