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Fathom.fm Launches New Version of Revolutionary AI-Powered Podcast Player—Now With ‘More Future’

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Press Release

Jan 6, 2023 09:00 EST

Fathom.fm is disrupting the podcast player ecosystem again by introducing more powerful AI functionality into the podcast listener’s experience. With Fathom, listeners get more out of their podcasts, especially those who like to “go deeper”.

When first launched in 2022, Fathom listeners could effortlessly discover new podcasts using a feed of podcast “highlights”—AI-generated previews of podcasts tailored to their interests by Fathom’s AI. Listeners could also ask natural questions such as “How can I improve my focus?” or “What is the future of AI?” and instantly listen to short clips from podcasts that answer the question.

Now Fathom has been…

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