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Experimental Short Story Collection Summons the Creative Writing Potential of AI

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Los Angeles, CA, December 31, 2022 –(PR.com)– In early December, Finnish literary scholar Juha Raipola started a series of textual experiments aimed at exploring the potential of OpenAI’s ChatGPT chatbot as a tool for creative writing. The result was a collection of very short fiction in which demons and ancient cosmic beings rise to dominate social media and the corporate world.
Raipola’s primary goal was to utilize the AI system as a tool for satirical writing. He aimed to generate texts that would be both amusing and twisted in their portrayal of the contemporary world.

“The objective was to both challenge and exploit the formulaic, generic, and repetitive patterns of the texts produced by the AI system. Without specific and detailed instructions from the user, artificial intelligence systems often produce texts with extremely simplistic storylines and rudimentary narrative techniques that lack all the characteristics of…

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