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Excelon Associates, Inc. Awarded GSA MAS Contract to Provide Human Capital Solutions for All Government Agencies

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Press Release

Jan 10, 2022 10:45 EST

Excelon Associates has been awarded the General Services Administration (GSA) Human Capital MAS Contract. This award is a testament to Excelons’ competencies, execution, and customer success.

Buying through the Human Capital Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) streamlines Government procurement by shortening buying cycles, ensuring compliance, and delivering the best value from pre-vetted vendors.

Excelon Associates excels in delivering critical human capital and recruitment solutions to its industry partners, and it looks forward to bringing its brand of service and excellence to all government agencies. 

Excelons’ Human Capital MAS Schedule allows Federal, State, and Local Agencies to utilize human capital and recruitment solutions to identify, attract, and retain top talent to ensure the…

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