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Every Year, 20-50 Million People Suffer Injuries in Road Accidents – Clocr Wants to Help with Its Emergency Card and ICE Vault™

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Austin, TX, December 29, 2021 –(PR.com)– Every year 20 to 50 million people suffer non-fatal injuries in road crashes(1), and every thirty seconds, a death happens on roadways around the world(1,2). If one of those affected was your child, your mother, your father, your spouse, partner, or best friend and you would want to know immediately and have instant access to critical information, wouldn’t you? Clocr allows you to do just that. It’s all about family for Clocr founders Apoorva and Sree Chintala, a father-daughter duo.

“Clocr’s patent-pending Emergency Card and In Case of Emergency aka ICE Vault™ offer a unique solution that can bring peace of mind to travelers, digital nomads, and bikers, and pedestrians. Knowing that your emergency contacts are a quick call away is such a relief,” says Apoorva, Clocr Co-Founder and CEO. In 2020, Apoorva and her team were selected as one of the top 16 collegiate entrepreneurs of the…

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