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Ethereum’s High Gas Fees Affecting Real Estate Transactions – AQRE Makes a Pivot

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Press Release

updated: Aug 26, 2021

AQRE, a Canadian firm made famous by the AQRE App and its technology-first approach to real estate, has announced that it is shifting its focus to building a new real estate platform, AQRE Home, launched in August 2021. This decision was made after months of Ethereum gas fee increases caused a delay in re-launching the company’s flagship product, the AQRE App. The company believes that this shift will be beneficial in the long run as it allows time for market correction, provides Chelle Coin holders additional investment opportunities, and begins a new phase of growth with new product offerings.

The team at AQRE is a group of technology enthusiasts who saw a need for digital currencies within the real estate industry. When the company launched their initial Chelle Coin token offering…

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