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ENTOUCH Expands Predictive Analytics Capabilities

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Richardson, TX, January 20, 2022 –(PR.com)– The leader in multisite energy management and smart building technology, ENTOUCH, has dramatically expanded on their existing machine learning (ML) algorithms with predictive failure results. This added functionality is designed to assist facility managers’ decision-making about their sites by predicting failure events within weeks of it actually occurring.

ENTOUCH has long been a pioneering innovator and launched an Artificial Intelligence (AI) initiative focused on using machine learning algorithms in 2018. Initially focused on HVAC equipment efficiency and diagnostics, the ENTOUCH algorithms analyze years of raw data from over 70,000 devices to identify HVAC and refrigeration issues, potentially leading to component failure. More importantly, the technology can identify these potential failures with at least a 90% confidence level weeks before the failure.

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