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Enhance Token Has Launched a Dual Tokenomics BEP-20 Automatic Deployment Token That Rewards 11% Safemoon

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New York, NY, January 14, 2022 –(PR.com)– Enhance Token has launched a Dual Tokenomic, BEP-20 token as a reflection-based reward system for new investors as well as those who hold Safemoon cryptocurrency. The token is unique in that it rewards investors for holding. Holders earn a combined 11% reflection for holding Enhance, in addition to an extra 3% from Safemoon for holding their cryptocurrency.

The Dual tokenomics, SafeMoon rewards token is one of a kind and has the potential to significantly increase the overall earning and profitability for everyone investing in Safemoon.

About Enhance Token
Enhance Token (https://enhancetoken.net/) is a venture by loyal Safemoon holders and community members who believe in the potential of cryptocurrency and want to create a system that maximizes the holdings of all, as Safemoon’s value rises.

The core team behind this venture includes Chase Coleman (@Safemoonace), Zee Ahmed (@ZeeeAhmed), Rio…

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