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Emerging Artist KayeDinero Releases Captivating Tracks “Love Drug,” “Pisces Virgo,” and “I Love Food ATL”

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Atlanta, GA, May 25, 2023 –(PR.com)– KayeDinero, an emerging artist and business owner hailing from Detroit, made an exciting entrance into the music industry with the release of three highly anticipated tracks: “Love Drug,” “Pisces Virgo,” and “I Love Food ATL.” These songs showcase KayeDinero’s distinct musical style and lyrical capabilities on popular streaming services like Apple Music and Spotify – providing her fans with access to her songs across different platforms.

KayeDinero has already made waves as an Atlanta-based marketer at only 25 years old, through her successful business I Love Food Media. Since it launched in 2018, this food-focused influencer brand has assisted more than 100 small businesses with increasing sales, increasing customer base expansion, and improving revenue.

KayeDinero’s creative talents extend far beyond business. To find an outlet for herself and the community around her, she has turned her hand…

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