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Edmund Optics® Named the Exclusive Global Distributor for Everix Ultra-Thin Filters

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Press Release

updated: Aug 19, 2021

Everix has partnered with Edmund Optics to provide global access to its growing ultra-thin optical filter product line. With this, Edmund Optics becomes the exclusive distributor of the entire selection of Everix ultra-thin filters, which are in-stock and ready to ship worldwide.

Everix manufactures ultra-thin optical filters constructed of layers of thermally drawn polymer sheets. These ultra-thin (100 and 400μm), extremely flexible filters are scratch-resistant, shatter-proof, and can be cut to size by the user with scissors, blades, and/or lasers. The available standard options include both shortpass and longpass dichroic, notch, and bandpass filters. These filters are ideal for a wide range of applications including augmented (AR) and virtual reality (VR). Custom filter…

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