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East Williamsburg Shines in ’87 Heads’: An Artful Hairstyling Photobook by Hiro+Mari & Maru Teppei

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Bringing together an intricate collection of iconic hairstyles, this unique photobook pays tribute to East Williamsburg’s vibrant community, demonstrating the resilience and creativity of Salon87 stylists Hiro+Mari during the pandemic. Maru Teppei’s exceptional photography further amplifies the compelling narrative of the Brooklyn neighborhood.

Hiro+Mari, renowned hair stylists and founders of Salon87, in collaboration with acclaimed photographer Maru Teppei, proudly announce the release of their anthology photobook, “87 Heads.

An embodiment of innovative hairstyling, fashion, and artful photography, “87 Heads” is a unique love letter to East Williamsburg, a neighborhood revered for its vibrant culture and community. The photobook captures the iconic hairstyles and beauty trends conceptualized and…

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